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Change of schedule.

Today I decided to change my schedule at work back to full time, I'll be working four days a week for ten hours each day. The days I'll be working should be Monday thru Thursday, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off which would be amazing. The days I do work I'll be working from 11AM until 10PM, which kinda sucks but its all worth it to have the entire weekend off, not to mention more money which I'll need. I guess I finally realized I shouldn't be so focused on what I want to do, neglecting what I need to do.

So Jessica tried filing my taxes online yesterday, and everything appeared to be going fine until it said I would be owing the IRS money, which is bogus! There must have been some kind of mistake made there, I don't make very much money to begin with and claim myself. I'm remaining optimistic however that it must have been a miniscule error and will get my taxes professionally filed that will really blow if I actually do have to pay the IRS and then Kelley Services (where I've gotten my taxes done in the past), but at the very least they may be able to provide further explanation as to why this occurred. A co-worker of mine that made about the same amount this last year said he filed his taxes and would be receiving $1000 back, but I guess different circumstances might affect the tax return.

I'm getting....

a tattoo of this:

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Bored at work as usual.

Bri and I fight crime in our spare time.

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Happy Chinese New Years!

So I read from Elyse Sewell's journal that your mood today sets the tone for the rest of the year, so I'll do my best to make today the best day ever--- even if it is a lousy Monday! :D
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Tattoo addiction!

I've never been so excited about a refridgerator before, but today we finally got a brand new one since the one in the apartment kept freezing all of our food.

So lately I've just been watching a crapload of anime and being a hermit--- I watch all seven volumes of Wolf's Rain, Spirited Away, X, and have Nausicaa waiting to be watched--- the people at Hastings practically see me everyday.

Oh! I got a tattoo! Maybe over a week ago--- its of a snake wrapping around my wrist, I'm so in love with it. I'll have pictures of it once its fully healed. I want to get a couple of black widows crawling up my neck, but thats quite a commitment!

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1 order of fun with a pinch of Paprika!!!

So with any luck I'll be moving again sometime January!

Here are so mirror effect pictures I was having fun taking in Photobooth on Bri's computer :o}
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Additional photos from the party.

All photos in this entry were taken by Izabelle.

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Izabelle's "Dead Inside Girls"

Photos from Izabelle's show were taken by Sasha.

Izabelle's black light party/gallery was a lot of work, her idea was to use white garbage bags and cut them at the seams and connect two bags together to make a panel and hang panels from the ceiling to create a wall to place her "Dead Inside Girls" pieces.

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Fillmore Canyon was lovely...

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